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Who Will Grizzly Bear Delisting Affect?

delisting affect

Grizzly bears are a divisive topic in the states surrounding Yellowstone National Park – Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They are a treasured symbol of the wild or a menace to us all, depending on who you ask.

In late June, it was announced that the grizzly bears living in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are no longer threatened. The protections that kept them safe from hunting will be lifted. Is this a great success story of the Endangered Species Act, or a premature decision? Again, that depends on who you ask.

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To Glimpse the Wild Whale

To Glimpse The Wild Whale

The early-morning sun glinted off of sleek black dorsal fins as they broke through the water’s surface. I sat on the rocky shore beside a lighthouse, watching the trio of orcas travel through Haro Straight. Vancouver Island stood hazy in the distance. Somewhere nearby, a small child squealed “I see them!” Others bounded along craggy rocks to get a better view. Below them, a river otter escaped notice as it slipped silently into the water. All eyes were focused on the ethereal black and white mammals that have captured the world’s imagination over the past several decades.

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Short Story Saturday, Vegan

667 [Short Story Saturday]


I wrote this extra-short story to examine the idea of “humane meat” and the fact that grass-fed cattle end up in the same place as factory-farmed cattle. 

667. That is my number, the only name I’ve ever known. When I look at my reflection in the pond I see it on the blue tags hanging from my ears. The others have numbers as well, all sloppily written on the blue or yellow pieces of plastic stuck into their ears. My closest friend has yellow tags – 92. We have spent many days grazing together in the fields, the open spaces a welcome home after the cramped pens we were born in. The cramped pens we were chased back into this morning.

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2 Simple Ways to Help Wolves Today

2 ways help wolves

A wolf died in Yellowstone National Park.

That in itself is not unusual. Wolves die in Yellowstone regularly, it’s part of the circle of life. They may die of old age, starvation, hunting accidents, or run-ins with members of a different pack.

But in Yellowstone, a place where they are meant to be protected, they should never be killed by humans.

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