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4 Ways Nature Can Inspire Your Writing

4 ways nature

The natural world is filled with wonders big and small. While enjoying those wonders simply for their own sake is great, they can also provide inspiration that can take your writing to the next level.

Setting the Scene

The crunch of leaves underfoot, the scent of flowers in the spring, the dazzling colors of a summer sunset. Nature is filled with scenic inspiration that you can use in your own writing. Drawing inspiration from your favorite real-life places can add a realistic touch to your writing that will resonate with readers, even if you’re writing a fantasy novel set in a world of your own creation.

Creature Creation

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration in nature is to look at the weird and wacky flora and fauna that inhabit our world. I often write in the fantasy genre, and creating creatures to populate my own worlds is the best part of world-building. There are many little-known creatures on Earth that can inspire fun new creations. Ever hear about the aye-aye? The goblin shark? The pink fairy armadillo? Seriously, look them up. Then start writing.

Conflict Galore

Nature is full of conflict of all different kinds. Small birds chase hawks away to protect their nests, the kind of “little guy versus big bad” story that I love to read. Getting caught in a sudden downpour may not be a big deal when you’re enjoying a nature walk not far from home, but what if that happens to your character when they’re lost and alone in the middle of nowhere?

Free Your Mind

Day-to-day life is full of distractions. Maybe you have a day job, or kids, or keep getting messages on social media that you just have to respond to. Taking the time to venture solo into nature is the perfect way to rid yourself of distractions and open your mind to new possibilities. When you free yourself from the daily grind, inspiration may strike at any moment.

How has nature inspired your writing?

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