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How to Eat Vegan on San Juan Island, Washington

Washington has an abundance of vegan options, at least compared to my home state of Montana. But what about San Juan Island? The island is only a ferry ride away from mainland Washington, but it is a community all it’s own.

Of the four Washington islands serviced by the ferry that leaves the mainland at Anacortes, San Juan Island is the most visited by travelers. The big draw there is the population of orcas who frequent the waters of the Salish Sea, along with a variety of other marine wildlife large and small. The island is a paradise for animal lovers, but where do those animal lovers go to eat and unwind after a day of whale watching?


San Juan Island may be popular, but it is still a small island. That is why I was surprised and thrilled to find that it has its very own vegan restaurant! The restaurant is called Mike’s Cafe and Wine Bar and is located in the town of Friday Harbor, just a short walk from the ferry terminal. I have been to quite a few vegan restaurants, but this one sticks with me because of the variety of food options and the delicious wine.

I went twice during my most recent trip to the island, so I was able to try the Szechwan Sizzle and the Sausage and Bell Pepper Pizza along with a glass of their Pinot Gris. Their “meat” had a great texture and an even better taste. I was hesitant to order the pizza because vegan cheese is so hit or miss, but I’m very glad I did. They really nailed it.

vegan pizza

Of course, not everyone is interested in eating out. On my last trip to the island, I stayed in a hostel with a kitchen where I could store and cook my own food. I frequented King’s Market, a local grocery store in Friday Harbor. They had a good variety of quality veggies and fruits.  Also, don’t forget to check out the farmer’s market for fresh, local produce. It is held every Saturday in the summer, and once a month in the winter.

Overall I was more than satisfied with the vegan food options in Friday Harbor. I went to San Juan Island for the whales, but I would go back for the food.


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