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Quill Pigs: Looking Past the Spikes

We all wear our armor to protect us from the evil in this world, but for most of us that armor is figurative. For the North American Porcupine (sometimes called quill pigs), that armor is very real and very spiky.

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2 Simple Ways to Help Wolves Today

A wolf died in Yellowstone National Park.

That in itself is not unusual. Wolves die in Yellowstone regularly, it’s part of the circle of life. They may die of old age, starvation, hunting accidents, or run-ins with members of a different pack.

But in Yellowstone, a place where they are meant to be protected, they should never be killed by humans.

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How to Eat Vegan on San Juan Island, Washington

Washington has an abundance of vegan options, at least compared to my home state of Montana. But what about San Juan Island? The island is only a ferry ride away from mainland Washington, but it is a community all it’s own.

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The Harsh Reality of Wild Horses

Wild horses running across the open plains are a symbol of the romanticized old west. Today, there is nothing romantic about their reality. This is due in large part to their mismanagement by the BureauĀ of Land Management.

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